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  • 2022年1月25日01时

    1月27日, 进击元宇宙展览及派对 | OCCUMETA Exhibition & @ Dada Shanghai

    1月27日 | 星期四

    Thursday | Jan 27


    OCCUMETA Exhibition & Party


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    艺术家 | Artists:

    18位 “想当然”新秀艺术家

    18 Emerging Artists from the "OF Course" Collective

    DJ: Velvet Robot

    想要进入一个跨媒介跨现实的音画世界吗?OF Course的元宇宙艺术家们将DADA打造了一个虚拟与现实融合的世界。在这里你能看到震撼的赛博影音,与身着后人类超级装备的艺术家们一起,通过拓展现实传送到异次元的空间。


    OF Course的新秀艺术家们、DADA和来自合成迷恋的Velvet Robot跨界合作,作品让DADA Shanghai 舞池化身为元宇宙的入口,打破虚拟与现实的界限。

    Would you like to enter a multimedia and multi-reality world of Audio-Visual experience? The Metaverse artists from OF Course invite you to a place where virtuality and reality merge. Here you can see the shocking cyber imagery and hear the digital music. Together with the artists in post-human super-wearables, teleports to a different dimension that expands the reality.

    In this exhibition “OCCUMETA”, 18 artists demonstrate the future world in their minds through the use of perceptual data, augmented reality, and audiovisual interactions. Here you can experience many whimsical artwork installations. The artists use light and shadow to explore the way that people connects and communicate in the future, imagine the new future wearables, and use AR to open the portal into the land of the virtual worlds.

    The emerging artists from OF Course collaborate with DADA Shanghai and Velvet Robot, transforming the DADA dance floor into the metaverse entrance. Breaking the boundaries between visual and reality.


    Installation Art Projects


    Audio Visual Interactive Performacne


    Audio Visual VJ


    XR Motion Capture Interactive Project


    Cyber Projection Mapping


    Algorithmic Generative Art Installation


    Algorithmic Generative Art Installation

    Velvet Robot

    上海合成迷恋和Discosmic Adventure派对主理人之一,也曾为Legowelt, Horse Meat Disco, Honey Sound System, Bell Towers等做暖场表演。选曲既怀旧复古又新颖未来,清新梦幻乱入抑郁焦躁,偏好含混不清的标签,非持续性的矛盾,好似某种已知风格却又自成一派的独立制作。

    One of co-founders of Synth Crush and Discosmic Adventure, and played warm-up sets for Legowelt, Horse Meat Disco, Honey Sound System, & Bell Towers, etc. Her et often mixes 80's, retro and future, dreamy or elegiac quality, prefers gloomy and vague tags, and sounds like the collisions between light & dark matter.

    欢迎收听!《SYNTH CRUSH! 合成迷恋派对现场》